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Shekhar Mitra
Internet Marketer

I am getting good results with, I get 150 to 250 leads every day now.
My sales has gone up by 200% and going up further.
Thanks for choosing me to test the Beta version and
I'm looking forward to final version to get even better results

With This Revolutionary Adobe Air Software
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Would You Like To Get FREE Traffic As Fast As This…
This was the case study result we got the very first time we tested
this technology
last year (April – May 2014)

As you can seen in the screenshot above...

...As soon as I enabled my FREE traffic generation application on May 20th, 2014...

The traffic simply exploded – from a few visitors per day to over 200.

And all of that was done in a single day with no SEO, no YouTube videos and no Facebook Ads.

The result you saw above was case study from April last year when we first discovered the technology..."

"Fast-forward 1 year later… WE PERFECTED THIS PUSH BUTTON “INSTANT
– even better, we’ve expanded the technology so vastly and the results we’re now getting with it is phenomenal…

Almost 1,000 Visitors in a Single Day…
And check out the crazy engagement with these visitors
Targeted visitors that spend so much time on our site, browse through our contents and take action…

Think about this for a minute…

You can pump HUNDREDS of targeted visitors to that your brand new site or that wilted old site within the next 24 hours

And all of that will be done INSTANTLY with no SEO, no YouTube videos, no Facebook Ads, and no need to hire VAs etc.

Are you getting excited right now?

You should be, because that is not even the coolest part yet…

The Best part is…

“This Traffic Brings Real Buyers
That Are Spending Money Like Crazy, Giving You ROI
Like You Have Never Seen Before”
Over $24,000 in 1 week with a SINGLE campaign…
And We’re Also Killing It on JVZoo Affiliate Offers Using This Underground Traffic Source…
Michele M.
Traffic Specialist
My traffic has gone up from 200 visitors daily to over 2,000 visitors every single day since I started using this software on the site
Over 12,000 targeted visitors to my site in under 2 weeks using this app…
We’re Changing the Way You Get Traffic in 2015…

Like it or not... no matter what you do online

You NEED Traffic… “Targeted Traffic” “Buyer Traffic”!

You need LOTS of it and you need it FAST…

But It’s VERY HARD to get lots of targeted buyer traffic fast.
Here’s the problem…

If you go the SEO traffic route, you’ll have to build backlinks after backlinks and struggle with writing contents daily (both time and money consuming) only hoping that you MAY rank and get traffic… it’s going to take weeks and sometimes even months to see results, worse… you may never rank after all these work.

And if you decide to run paid ads, you need to get ready to spend hundreds of dollars daily on ads never knowing if your campaign will bring in any sales, and all the hectic nonsense that comes with running paid ads

You’ll be struggling knowing fully in your mind that 90% of SEOers always FAIL to rank high for the profitable terms and that 70% paid ad campaigns NEVER turn out a positive ROI.

My friend… that’s a very hard position to be in and honestly, I don’t wish to be you in that position right now.

Here’s the thing…
We knew there was problem… and we needed a solution (not some quick fix) – a REAL SOLUTION
A traffic source that would… …Allow us to generate free targeted traffic of hungry buyers ready to opt-in and buy whatever we’re selling in real time on autopilot…
Where we don’t have to wait weeks for Google/Youtube rankings
Where there’s no ad disapproval or get stuck with metrics & tracking
So we can use to send traffic to anywhere we want at any time we want
Where every campaign we run returns positive ROI every single time.
So, we designed and built TRAFFIC FUSION…
The world’s first and most technologically advanced adobe air traffic software that gives uncut & unlimited access to an untapped traffic box to streams hordes of targeted visitors instantly at the push of a button
You Can Send This Traffic to Anywhere You Want
This Works in ANY Niche and for ANY Market
And You Can Have All These Professionally and Automatically Setup and Getting Traffic... in Just MINUTES!
× NO Coding
× NO Backlinking
× NO Paying for Ads
× NO Waiting for Traffic
× NO Competition
× NO Failed Campaigns
× NO Complicated Setup
× NO Monthly Fees
All you need is this software
and the link where you’re sending traffic!
It works for any type of content, video, articles, websites etc.
Here’s the thing
You’re a smart marketer… and right now, you’re probably making good money but you more targeted traffic so you know what can increase your revenue
Or probably, you’re not even making enough yet, maybe… it’s more like a “hit and miss” thing for you but you know you have a profitable campaign and if only you could get enough targeted traffic to these campaigns fast
Right now, you’re probably sitting on a sales page and squeeze page that’s converts or you have a video/blog that really engages your audience in seconds but you’re not getting leads and sales because you’re NOT getting the enough traffic needed.
The reason is because before today, if you wanted targeted traffic, you had only two options:
1. Write articles, build backlinks, waste a lot of time waiting and try to rank your sites
2. Run paid ads, blow a lot of money, get stuck with metrics and only hope your EPC is even a cent higher than CPC
You’ve probably tried all these and noticed that with these methods, you will spend a lot of time waiting for traffic which may never come or run into negative balance trying to build successful campaigns
And you may have even thought it to yourself... if only I could instantly drive targeted visitors to my salespages, videos, squeeze pages and blogs fast... then I could grow my business really fast."
Now YOU CAN push a button and send free targeted traffic to anywhere you want in minutes!
Think about this...
The next time you setup a marketing campaign — your account will be exploding as you lock in THOUSANDS of fresh new leads and real sales by the hours just from plugging Traffic Fusion into the campaign.
We’re Using This App Now to Crush Affiliate Offers…
Basically, we just setup simple “high converting” video landing pages for any physical health product we want to promote then use Traffic Fusion to wire a lot of traffic to the landing pages in minutes and watch the results roll in…
Check out our recent campaign on a weight loss offer...
We built up this simple lead capture/presell landing page for the product and sent lots of targeted traffic to it using Traffic Fusion…
And within the first week, we already locked in 2,706 FRESH leads
inside our mailchimp account and over $1,400 in commissions
$1,495 auto-pilot commissions in 1 week
With that result… we scaled things up pretty fast and launched campaigns on 3 other offers yesterday to hit $300 commissions per day – we’re going to scale up like crazy on this (I’m talking more traffic and more offers), it’s so much fun!
Carolina G.
This has been a super good app for me... I was able to gain many followers on Google+ and had 5, 000 visitors. Only by using the software

Here’s a record of visits to my site and I've only used Traffic Fusion for this site.
What You're Looking at Right Now Is the World's Most Powerful Push Button Instant Traffic Software That's Changing The Playing Field and Stacking The Decks in Your Favor Using Top-of-the-Line Features
Traffic comes inbuilt with a setup wizard, once you install the software and open it for the first time… the wizard runs and takes you step by step to help you configure the app and get your first campaign in the air – we couldn’t have made it any easier.
This is the part I love the most… each “Traffic-Getting” campaign takes under 120 seconds to setup, you just add links and a little text – literally, copy n’ paste stuff… it’s way TOO easy, no confusing and time liquidating technical functions.
We’re going to show you how to create your traffic account and connect UNLIMITED accounts to the Traffic Fusion app. Also, each account can have UNLIMITED communities synced with it for mass traffic distribution.
Add multiple “1 – 10 line” sentence(s) as contents for your campaign, you can also have them in nested spun format or integrate with platform to do it for you automatically – Traffic Fusion is fully designed to deliver high level content uniqueness in it’s traffic generation campaigns.
You have the choice to set how fast you want campaign to be completed, setup the speed and throttling of your content distribution, choose how many times you want this campaign to repeat and bring in more traffic and a ton more settings… in fact, everything about the success and delivery of targeted visitors to your sites is in your hands, you have FULL CONTROL!
Easily delete, play, restart, pause, edit and manage every aspect of you campaigns from this one fancy dashboard designed for simplicity and clarity. Also know right off the bat the completion status of your campaigns.
We make it very easy for you… in 1 click, we’ll show you exactly where Traffic Fusion has distributed your contents/links to generate traffic for you. Even better… you can also click again to view these places and hyper-active communities in your browsers so you see just how hot and super-targeted the traffic we’re sending you is.
There’s no limitation, you can send traffic to anywhere you want or promote anything you want… heck, you can even use this to promote that your new Kindle book on how to make pumpkin lanterns or that your silly Youtube video of pranking ladies at the beach; all you need to do is select your target niche and push a button… that’s how awesome this software it!
We know how seriously you are about growing your business, we’ve built a serious traffic automation app that will send hordes of targeted visitors who’re seriously interested in your offers so you capture high quality leads and sell lots of your products every single day.
It doesn’t matter whether your niche is fishing, cooking, dancing, scuba diving or if you’re targeting doctors and mechanics… Traffic Fusion is going to drive all these prospects straight to your landing page.
Marketing to different countries in different languages? Traffic Fusion has absolutely no regional restrictions or language barriers... the world is yours to dominate.
All these features combine to create a mass traffic machine that will automatically stream free targeted visitors “ready to buy whatever you’re selling” to your sites every single day…
So I’ll ask you again…
How Important Is Getting MASSIVE Targeted Traffic To You?
Are you ready to double, or even TRIPLE your sales and leads?
Are you ready to stop struggling and step up your marketing in 2015?
Traffic Fusion is your answer… PLUS MORE!
This is Your LIFETIME Ticket to Immortal Traffic Source
Traffic Fusion traffic source is completely IMMUNE and void to any defects of the traditional traffic methods I mentioned above.
...It is totally unslappable and unstoppable.
You no longer need to wait for days or weeks to get rankings in Google in a hope that it will drive some traffic to your site...
...You no longer need to waste hundreds or thousands of your hard earned money on Facebook Ads or other PPC traffic.
With Traffic Fusion you get instant, targeted traffic like this...
And best part is…
For a limited time, you can get your hands on this push button instant traffic technology for a one time price at 80% OFF.
This is a LOW one time investment — no monthly fees!
When you think about how long you've wanted to build your list and sell products without having to wait weeks for rankings or pay hefty costs for ads that will give you a negative balance... I know you realize just how huge of deal and limited this offer is.
In fact we're so confident you're going to love Traffic Fusion that we're going to guarantee your results for you.
NOTHING could be more fair than that!
If you purchase Traffic Fusion today and follow our easy setup instructions to test ride this traffic animal for 30 days and you’re not getting new targeted visitors using this software we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Just contact us and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30-Days.
Grab Your Copy of Traffic Fusion Now… One Time Investment
Once the timer hits zero, we will increase the price
Rafael Rodriguez
List Builder

This app is a beautiful traffic source for me. I´m working with it in English and Spanish and all days Traffic Fusions gets traffic and lead for me, free leads for me all days!!

I´m getting about 400 - 500 leads each month and growing. I know than this amounts are modest but for a newbie as I is a good amount.

Thank you very much to my good friend ;-))

George Evers
Niche Blogger

I have Traffic Fusion running for over 10 different sites’s since your first beta release.  They’re nice looking sites.

And AdSense earnings for the last 28 days for all the websites have been going up!

Justin Bellware

I got Traffic Fusion in your first beta launch. I have been pleased so far with the results.  We've added 100's of subscribers and had tons of dollars in sales to the only site we used it with running only a few campaigns.

By now, you’re already thinking that Traffic Fusion is an amazing software that offers really incredible value.
Because even if you only use this to drive massive amounts of active & targeted visitors to your hyper-engaging videos and sites.
Or if only you use it to generate free traffic to your high converting landing pages
That feature alone is worth over 10x the tiny investment we’re charging for your LIFETIMEchartered access today.
Remember, all you just need to do is push a button and you’ll have serious traffic coming your way…
…And it takes less than 2 minutes to set it up!
So, get in now on the ground floor of this revolutionary instant traffic technology.
Lock In Your LIFETIME Chartered Access to Traffic Fusion Today
Grab Your Copy of Traffic Fusion Now… One Time Investment
Once the timer hits zero, we will increase the price
Traffic Fusion
We’re excited to have you onboard and working on your first campaign…
You’re going to love this…